in the Business world.
Trovare la propria Identità professionale nel vasto e complesso mondo del Business.

I-BUSINESS Live Training è l’HUB italiano per eccellenza di Crescita Personale e Professionale.

I-BUSINESS Live Training è una realtà innovativa nel panorama italiano che si occupa di crescita personale e professionale.

Di origine anglosassone, I-BUSINESS Live Training nasce dalla fusione di esperienze internazionali e pluriennali nell’ambito del Personal Performance Development e del Business.

In I-BUSINESS, attraverso eventi di formazione live e consulenze personalizzate one-to-one, aiutiamo coloro che vogliono migliorare, creare o espandere la propria professionalità.

Lo facciamo attraverso l’insegnamento di sofisticati concetti di Crescita Personale che, connessi a tecniche avanzate di Business Strategy, aiutano realtà individuali a creare, migliorare o accelerare le proprie attività professionali e/o aziendali.

I nostri Valori



I-BUSINESS Live Training significa crescita e per crescere c’è bisogno di impegno costante.

Noi ci impegnano quotidianamente nel migliorare le nostre performance personali e professionali e aiutiamo tutti i nostri clienti a fare lo stesso.


In I-BUSINESS Live Training siamo sempre disposti a evolvercicrescere e imparare.

Comprendiamo l’importanza dell’ascolto, dell’apertura mentale e della flessibilità, valori solidi su cui è strutturata tutta la nostra formazione LIVE.



Come tutti sanno: procrastinare è l’anticamera del fallimento. Per questo, in I-BUSINESS Live Training, crediamo fortemente nel potere del fare.

Crediamo nell’agire costante senza paura e in autonomia.

Caratteristiche fondamentali per un’effettiva ed efficace crescita personale e professionale.



In I-BUSINESS Live Training tutto ciò che facciamo è insegnare.

Insegnamo come creare un proprio futuro personale e professionale trasformandosi in individui  intraprendenti, autonomi supportati di mindset vincenti.

Il nostro DNA è nel LIVE

Ad I-BUSINESS Live Training creiamo valore attraverso lo sviluppo di eventi di formazione, come workshops e masterclass esclusivamente LIVE.

Attraverso i nostri LIVE, aiutiamo individui prendere prima di tutto consapevolezza del proprio mindset e delle proprie innate potenzialità, per poi fornire tutte le tecniche necessarie per poter per accelerare lo sviluppo della propria professionalità. 

  • Esperti Trainers nel campo del Personal Performance Development
  • +800 professionisti, start-uppers e imprenditori supportati
  • Knowledge, Tools ed Esperienza Internazionale

Connessione tra Sviluppo Personale e Strategie di Business.

In I-BUSINESS Live Training, crediamo che la propria crescita personale e il proprio sviluppo professionale, siano incredibilmente connessi tra loro e che debbano necessariamente evolversi di pari passo.

Se insieme alla crescita della propria attività professionale, non c’è allo stesso tempo una crescita a livello personale, crediamo che l’individuo in quanto persona prima e professionista poi, non riesca ad utilizzare a pieno il proprio potenziale.

Ecco perché I-BUSINESS Live Training, attraverso un HUB di Trainers esperti con esperienza decennale nel Personal Performance Development, si pone come obiettivo principale la formazione LIVE di individui che desiderano creare mindset vincenti ed utilizzare il proprio potenziale per poter avviare attività professionali o di business efficaci e performanti.

Empowered Performance

Empowered Performance


In I-BUSINESS Live Training aiutiamo individui a prendere consapevolezza del proprio potenziale e a utilizzarlo al meglio per poter creare, migliorare o accelerare sia la propria crescita personale che quella professionale.

Facciamo questo attraverso la nostra Masterclass, Empowered Performance, un evento di formazione di LIVE di due giorni in cui abbiamo unito sofisticate nozioni di Crescita Personale con Strategie di Business e di Leadership, che permettono ai partecipanti di sviluppare piani di azioni ottimizzati e efficaci per migliorare e migliorarsi nel proprio settore professionale e ottenere risultati importanti, concreti e duraturi nel tempo.


  • Being mentored by Antonio has been the best thing I did to progress in becoming a Life Coach. I am at the last stages of my Coaching Academy Life & Personal Performance Coaching Diploma. Antonio has helped me put everything I learned together, monitor my work and helping me to identify how better enhance my coaching skills. He has a very professional approach, and, at the same time, he is very empathic. He is a very competent coach and mentor, and, thanks to his mentorship, I became a more confident and knowledgeable Life Coach. Furthermore, I was able to reach more clients, and I enhance my professional practice. Thanks, Antonio.

    Antonella Santini
    Certified Health Coach
  • I worked with Paolo for a number of years during my time with Expense Reduction Analysts. He was such an effective individual. Great at leading important projects and superb at managing and inspiring the people around him. Paolo has tremendous integrity and is completely honest and consistent in the way that he approaches things. Paolo puts real passion and pride into his work and he is not afraid to challenge people if he believes there is a better way or a better outcome available. He has bags of talent and an incredible personality. Somebody I would love to work with again in the future. An asset to any business.

    Paul Lewis
    Managing Director at Pitman Training Group Ltd.
  • Paolo is simply the Best. He is motivated and interested in everything he does, simply because he loves to do everything at the best he can. He is creative, industrious and dedicated. Working next to Paolo has been a great experience. It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend Paolo Massimilla. Working next to Paolo has been a great experience. It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend Paolo Massimilla.

    Luca Stella
    Blogger presso AXAVIAN MEDIA LTD
  • I am training to become a coach and very motivated with the opportunities ahead. It is not easy to pursue a new career, mainly to understand how a coach approach supporting others to have clarity and move steps forward. Having a background in Psychology, it is even more challenging regarding approach. Antonio mentoring has helped me a lot in finding my answers doing exactly what a coach I believe should approach: using effective and reflective questions, being empathetic and not being judgmental. I couldn’t find a better way to learn and progress. Not to mention, his sympathy, open style and enthusiasm for learning and share his knowledge with others, mainly by his inspiring posts. All the best, Antonio.

    Gustavo Schettino Gontij
    Personal and Career Coach
  • It’s difficult to express just how much Antonio has changed my life in so many ways. I will be forever thankful for the support and wisdom he has shared with me over the last five years. I think he’s a genius and should be recognised for his talents in coaching. He has helped me transform my business and make my dreams come true. He has also enabled me to work towards personal huge milestones like fitting into my wedding dress, getting married, buying a house and starting a family. I suffer from anxiety and am a HUGE worrier, and thanks to Antonio, I’ve been able to change my mindset and become a stronger person who is more well equipped to deal with challenging situations. Put simply, I just wouldn’t be where I am without him. He always inspires me in every single session. I come away from each session feeling empowered and thinking ‘yes, I can do this’. If you’re considering coaching, I highly recommend you get in touch with him. His passion is infectious and he genuinely cares about helping people – this shines through in everything he does. I want to say a HUGE thank you to Antonio. I am so lucky to be able to work with you.

    Kiri Nowak
    Freelance Content Writer at The Content Wolves
  • Paolo is a true optimist, and it is his positive attitude that helps him accomplish whatever task he has been assigned. Paolo is a complete go-getter, who will go that extra mile to give his best to any project. Undertaken. Moreover, he is an excellent team leader, as he not only makes sure that the projects are completed on time but also encourages his team members to put in their very best efforts.

    Davide Pagliaro
    Electric motor design engineer/ Project Manager
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